Friday, December 11, 2009

Innocence to Complication.... a long way

.......................or you can say INTERNAL INNOCENE TO EXTERNAL COMPLICATIONS
its really hard to face a person suffering or suffered from cancer.there is my very sweet ..innocencccccccent jethi...married away very young..i didn't meet her much but whenever i meet her ...she is so full of her innocence.....once i remember a instance was my cousins marriage..and my sweet jethi was getting ready..and my god she just took so much time to get ready......she was around 60yrs then...she was like wearing her cloths in more conscious way...combing her hair after putting oil(in villages almost all the women put oils in their hair everyday ,but now things have changed) neway after dat she wud put that oil let on her face was very beautiful for this woman..she had 2 sons and 2 daughters. Two of them are settled but the other two are not.a few days back its was reported that she was suffering from my parents called them we got to know that she wasn't informed about it...and in the phone her daughter was not able to talk to us as she choked with tears.........well life likes this point of time her family members are her greatest supporter.......
but what about munti khura ???????????????
he is every body's khura( or gali ka chacha) aged about 78yrs ...he never married..loves bhupen hazarika and hates jubin...his daily breakfast and lunch and dinner is in a local restaurant and b4 sleeping he takes about 2 to 3 pegs.he stays in a hill in kharghuli.he gives me old books of Russian writer preserve it...and i do.3 yrs ago he had cancer ...throat cancer..but he survived,doctors asked him to quit alcohol..but he didn't...he was a bindass sort of a man ...but that day i was see him crying in front of me.he was again suffering from a wound and now his situation was unbearable..he got some wound in his lower jaw and the juice produced by the wound makes his tongue stick with the upper palate...and that feeling is a horrible one...i just asked him " do u want to die like this" and tears started.i felt very upset .here on the other side was a man suffering dreadfully and no one to look after he went to b .baruah cancer institute to get the report...of his test.every time he went for the test d doctors cut a piece from his wound and d feeling is also he cant talk to me but try to explain me by his actions..even though he sometimes whisper for me.whenever i ask "why don't u talk"..he wud say"it hurts".today he went arnd 10 am to take his report...i waited 4 him ...but till then he didn't came....god knows wat was his report .

i just request the people reading this blog to pray for not only 4 them...but 4 all people who is suffering from cancer.

Monday, August 31, 2009

The wish of the dead

I know if I do good deeds, I will go to paradise

If I do evil deeds, I will go to hell

So I have done good deeds till now

And I will die


I died

But where’s the paradise??

There’s neither paradise nor hell…

I m in this Earth again

I can see people, feel them, I can talk to them, I talked, but they seem not to care

Till that day they were crying for me

And now they doesn’t seem to care for me

Hey im here, im with you, and I know

All the truths of this world


I know all the facts of this weird world!!

“What you people are curving for?”

I know the real truth of the death and the alive

I’m dead. I know everything

But im the Spirit, a blow in the air

My journey ended here.

But the day I died I felt an eternal bliss

I took off my 18-year-old dress, growing by itself,

But im satisfied

I just came out of the world of happiness, anxieties,



And till now im free

Until “the supreme power” gives me

Another “Johnson and Johnson baby” to wear


May my soul rest in peace



Moramee Das



Sunday, August 30, 2009

Inspirational night

The moon shines

I sat in my balcony

To take a glimpse of the beautiful sight

Where people don’t get time to greet each other at night.

I loved it, it burned,

The silence of the night by its

Glooming power of Romance

I put on my radio

And it reminded me of myself, as I was lost in this

Journey of life that

I’ve to be there one day or the other.

Still the moons light capturing my eyes

I held it once and let the star

Capture it,

I watched the twinkling Childs of Universe.

Still I felt great.

I will never ever let my mountains

Of dreams break. or been broken by the

Hammers of our busy life.

I wanted to travel to the moon in this

Beautiful, charming and sophisticated night

Which was only the beginning

Of my realization that

Dreams will come to my life

As the morning sun dominates

Over the dawn.

Yap, its morning,

Look the dawn has been dominated.

( its an original piece plz dont copy)

Moramee Das


5:44am is published in MELANGE ("the sentinel" supplement) on 21st nov 2010...

Monday, August 24, 2009

“Pleasure of writing poetry”

Travelling from one’s mind to this piece of book

Poetry is a feeling, which is written in thoughts expressed by words

It can heal a broken heart

It can speak of love in every sphere of love and life

Poetry is abstract

Every untold story is here….

Every word is a poem to be written

It’s the call of somebody’s heart, soul, mind, wishes, hopes,

Emotion, anxieties, confusion

And it’s the conclusion.

(its an original piece..plz dont copy)

moramee das




busying blues
feathering nights
doting couples
lunatic doctor
herbert hebrew
journalistic editor
ronaldo philandeloo
loving beacon
trembeling foods
flying childrens
farting crows
laughing dead
solaring star
managing politics
coughing shit
farting couples
robusting liver
overwhelming slaps
kicking hands
oversmart dolls
Marilyn manson
divine abuse
heating moon
blueish smile
yellow blood
shimmering pain
acoustic smile
crying pirandello
indiana wallet
hugging legs
tearing fingers
molesting kisses
uncaring ear
stupid hug
linear addition
odipus freud
albert swine
flu Einstein
copulating onions
gurgling blood
formating skin
blueish belly
thousand sand
morbid veins

swelling pillow
intoxicating rice
wandering nails
crucifying satan

devilish mucus


poisoness medicine
reflecting deads
window and gun
roses and dissection

gay and god
superiority and facism
wats here and wats there

in a state


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Demise of P.B.Sir famously known as Babi Baruah

it was a very sad day i jus completed my 3rd exam and was on my way to home wen i got a horrible news from one of my friend.she said that one of our most respected sir had died.i was like shock..sir was quite young...he was in his late 40s.we used to take tuitions wid him during the last years of his was from the year june 2007-feb 2008.he used to be very close to us .we heard that his family life was not that satisfactory .he used to enjoy wid his students ,sir never showed his other side but we always saw his humourous side.we thought that he was a great devotee of sigmund freud .he used 2 drink and smoke a lot.he had a huge library ...and offcourse why not..he was a gold medalist from delhi university,a COTTON COLLEGE prof. in english dept.was the one who brought SPIC MACAY and also the pioneers of the SHAKESPEARIAN DRAMA SOCIETY.he was a very different man ,and his thinking was very BROAD...really american way.the day wen he died i went to see him ..he was in his bedroom covered by a white seemd like as if he was jus sleeping...jus sleeping in was hard for me to believe the fact that he has died .i jus God ..that night i cant sleep..his face was like floatin in my eyes.i rememered all those moments wen we students spend with sir.during the last months of his life as we had heard he suffered from diabetes and on 9th june he had an heart attack and left us all at 2.30 pm .REALLY he was a great man with great thoughts.its really unbelieveale that he has passed away.may his SOUL REST IN PEACE.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Thousand thoughts

well my exams are from 5th and m still not prepared ...thousands of thoughts popping into my head..not willing to study only dreaming which is one of my fav hobby...lately i ve watched the swearing ceremony and there i saw Mr.shashi Tharoor...who was there ..and really lukd handsome than the newspapers pictures...well cumin 2 my point.. has ne1 read the "Great Indian novel" ? it is written by Tharoor .in that buk he is continuously criticizing "priya duryodhani" i.e. Indira Gandhi and the Indian national Congress but on the contrary he is here in the Parliament Swearing ....taking an oath ...Representing CONGRESS.really paradoxical huh............but i SWEAR that the novel is a A1 ...must read novel.every Indian should read it ...but still i have not got this POLICY of tharoor .Hope India rise.and i really appreciate our own NORTHEASTERN GIRL (or our DESI girl) Agatha changma......KEEP IT UP. youth India...and yo India

Saturday, May 30, 2009

A view...point


i wrote this article on 26/5/2006 11:46:32 PM and thought 2 publish it now

When I was small nearly school life, i use to think about those things which nowadays and then also people gave so emphasis, for example, like the small things which we people don't really care abt, as somebody said i was bitch which i didn’t care about but some will tell "why, who is she to call me bitch". When i came to know it was that "BIG EGO" which real didn’t existed in me only in some cases it did and this thought is still in me "we don't care" but people will make us care that. I think our generation is still bindass but still there are people commenting about others boyfriend." He's so dark in complexion", it doesn't matter to his girlfriend then why should it matter to others, cos the guy will sleep with his girl not with them. Well when i was small i didn’t thought of anything like a "AIM", I WAS LIKE IN A WORLD OF FAIRY TALE, THAT ONE DAY MY PRINCE WILL COME AND TAKE ME TO HIS CASTLE", well i think this too with Prince William but it looks nice in dreams cos if it really comes 2 be true it will loose all its beauty. Then i pass my class X met lots of, new friends, new experiences, pranks, games etc and we used to tell lie to our parents but didn’t knew we will be caught cos they have crossed this life to first we used to tell this dialogues but its worth telling and we know its taste when we experience as im growing old, now i have been realizing that im maturing and im feeling it too, cos now if my younger bro lies 2 me he gets caught i know what i will do if im in his place ...all these are the miracles of experiences. Imagination is something very beautiful "JOB" for me to do. Its fun u can be anyone anywhere. Then comes about a girls life, at first any other girl thinks getting married to a rich family, bla bla bla...but what if ur man doesn't loves comes the problem u get the man of ur dreams, but as usual the trouble" dad n mom"...unsatisfaction of life, u then think "all our deeds result" one of my frens say its "D BIG GENERATION GAP" well its true but it may be parents are not wrong also because they are the "EXPERIENCED ONE" but no one thinks abt the situation of the girl .Dad n mom stick wid their ideologies of "ESTABLISHEDMENT,RICH N ABOVE ALL REPUTATION" well does one gets everything(cause if everyone got everything then who will turn to GOD) and here come the word" COMPROMISE" which comes before the word LOVE in the "OXFORD ENGLISH DICTIONARY"...its pretty easy to compromise when u get a man who loves u and parellely respects ur thoughts deeds(which must not be of materials).Well i can put here a ??Why do parents expect so much from their child?? Maybe (as one of my pal says) my moms have carried me in her tummy for 9 months and she knows everything about me (behind the thing i do behind her back) and she sees some inborn talents in me and so she expects. Well but my generation people or only me thinks after all, this is my life i will do whatever i want.... is this my life... no ...i think its better to expect nothing from their children, then they will get less affect in their heart then the maximum. Anyways i think mom and dad married, brought me to this world (which im grateful cos because of them I can bring my present thoughts to you) then working, bringing me up n my bro, ...this goes on enjoying their life.........together, well its a tradition of human-beings. Yes, one thing they stab their wishes into their child which later the child had to regret and the parents telling"dont worry, everything happens for its own good" and the rest is history. Blaming God. Poor God, actually i think no one understands god instead of thanking God after a good day, people pressures god about HIS OR HER problems. Well God has given man the" BRAIN" so we are man not animals (difference between us and monkeys) so we have to use it .God has so many other problems too. I read once "life is a stone, god has given us the cutter to crave it" so why we trouble God by blaming him, actually we are afraid of taking the blame to ourselves and we rescue from ourselves. Well this is the age when we make our "OWN PATH" this is the time we cut the grasses which grow in our path. Well some says no boyfriends "BARRIER TO CAREERS" well its up to you how u maintain it, but one thing sure u get "REAL LOVE" only once, you people will tell now this are all SAID STUFF, it is, because its TRUE. In this period of time (16-21 maybe) this depression all sucks and GIVES US a REAL DECISION of SUCIDE, some of them dies thinking not to handle the pains of life, we call them COWARDS. Actually it takes COURAGE to die. well this occurs in most of teenagers? Why? Several reasons u guys know.. If also one die there will be never any difference..Because memory fades.. with time “the BIG HAMMER for death “one will still lives his life, flowers will bloom ,spring will come, sun will set and so on will put very little affect on NATURE but ur LOVED ones will really MISS YOU .But why doesn't it occurs in maximum of matured people...because they have someone to think for, CHILDRENS...OLD PARENTS..??????? ? Well if really (which they do) parents love their child then why they don't like their happiness. If a girl knew she could be happy with her chosen guy than why do parents disagree...REASONS behind. Parents know everything, after marrying parent’s choice of guy (really forced one) 3 lives are destroyed, wife, husband, and lover, only financial security is not everything. Actual it is mental satisfaction, as THEY WILL NOT SHOW TO PEOPLE WHATS GOING WITH THEIR FAMILY (they will act happy to please their parents) as we human beings are only puppets in this stage that we term as world, great man said it not me. Everybody knows everything then why so discontentment among people.
Lets come to the former topic"dealth". No one knows what lies after death, this is very CLEAR to all well if it comes like if i and my lover die we will meet in heaven ...well if my mom and dad die after us then they will meet us obviously there.(if they dislike my boyfriend in EARTH then how can they like him in hell or whatever...again like LIFE ON EARTH).Then SHIT....
WELL ONE POSITIVE THOUGHT to everybody that means everybody...from a drug addict to a good citizen...from a prostitute to an ideal wife. From a beggar to a professional singer... from a thief to a police.... i mean every body. We are living ...that is something we are preparing to die. We are going to die one day. It's the perfect lie and truth of life and we have to accept it as from ages people have said (which is real WORTH OF) is that what u are doing be happy with that (think one thing U R ONLY CAPABLE OF DOING IT so you are doing) so live n enjoy ur present as no one has seen the future and stop holding ur past cos it will give u nothing but harass ur CONSCIENCE (don't get me wrong cos im not telling about ur SWEET MEMORIES but of ur SOME BITTER PAST AND THOUGHTS) as we are sentimental fools who hold our past or others and make ourselves unhappy along with the other one ...what is this DO WE WANT TO BE HAPPY??? The answer is in our HAND.