Monday, August 31, 2009

The wish of the dead

I know if I do good deeds, I will go to paradise

If I do evil deeds, I will go to hell

So I have done good deeds till now

And I will die


I died

But where’s the paradise??

There’s neither paradise nor hell…

I m in this Earth again

I can see people, feel them, I can talk to them, I talked, but they seem not to care

Till that day they were crying for me

And now they doesn’t seem to care for me

Hey im here, im with you, and I know

All the truths of this world


I know all the facts of this weird world!!

“What you people are curving for?”

I know the real truth of the death and the alive

I’m dead. I know everything

But im the Spirit, a blow in the air

My journey ended here.

But the day I died I felt an eternal bliss

I took off my 18-year-old dress, growing by itself,

But im satisfied

I just came out of the world of happiness, anxieties,



And till now im free

Until “the supreme power” gives me

Another “Johnson and Johnson baby” to wear


May my soul rest in peace



Moramee Das



Sunday, August 30, 2009

Inspirational night

The moon shines

I sat in my balcony

To take a glimpse of the beautiful sight

Where people don’t get time to greet each other at night.

I loved it, it burned,

The silence of the night by its

Glooming power of Romance

I put on my radio

And it reminded me of myself, as I was lost in this

Journey of life that

I’ve to be there one day or the other.

Still the moons light capturing my eyes

I held it once and let the star

Capture it,

I watched the twinkling Childs of Universe.

Still I felt great.

I will never ever let my mountains

Of dreams break. or been broken by the

Hammers of our busy life.

I wanted to travel to the moon in this

Beautiful, charming and sophisticated night

Which was only the beginning

Of my realization that

Dreams will come to my life

As the morning sun dominates

Over the dawn.

Yap, its morning,

Look the dawn has been dominated.

( its an original piece plz dont copy)

Moramee Das


5:44am is published in MELANGE ("the sentinel" supplement) on 21st nov 2010...

Monday, August 24, 2009

“Pleasure of writing poetry”

Travelling from one’s mind to this piece of book

Poetry is a feeling, which is written in thoughts expressed by words

It can heal a broken heart

It can speak of love in every sphere of love and life

Poetry is abstract

Every untold story is here….

Every word is a poem to be written

It’s the call of somebody’s heart, soul, mind, wishes, hopes,

Emotion, anxieties, confusion

And it’s the conclusion.

(its an original piece..plz dont copy)

moramee das




busying blues
feathering nights
doting couples
lunatic doctor
herbert hebrew
journalistic editor
ronaldo philandeloo
loving beacon
trembeling foods
flying childrens
farting crows
laughing dead
solaring star
managing politics
coughing shit
farting couples
robusting liver
overwhelming slaps
kicking hands
oversmart dolls
Marilyn manson
divine abuse
heating moon
blueish smile
yellow blood
shimmering pain
acoustic smile
crying pirandello
indiana wallet
hugging legs
tearing fingers
molesting kisses
uncaring ear
stupid hug
linear addition
odipus freud
albert swine
flu Einstein
copulating onions
gurgling blood
formating skin
blueish belly
thousand sand
morbid veins

swelling pillow
intoxicating rice
wandering nails
crucifying satan

devilish mucus


poisoness medicine
reflecting deads
window and gun
roses and dissection

gay and god
superiority and facism
wats here and wats there

in a state