Monday, May 13, 2013

Deep shadows & Bright Hues

I ran through the corridor of darkness
The run was long …very long
Until it made me kneel down in despair
But I saw a light
Infront of me was the light
The light of the world
That highlighted the whole horizon

I open up my arms
To embrace it
The cold wind embraces me too.
I closed my eyes &
Just flew down

The air was holding me
& the breeze constantly kissed my face.
I felt as if I was in paradise

Beneath me were the criss cross blocks
Seperated by blue lines
Some bold,some thin
Until I came over a
Big bowl of blue cream

The air let me down
The water god caught me
& let me swim with the flow of the cream
I swam & swam, but i
Wasn’t tired, I longed not to
Reach the coast
I deliciously enjoyed the creams
Stroke by stroke
But it pushed me to my own

Moramee Das
1st Dec 2010