Friday, December 11, 2009

Innocence to Complication.... a long way

.......................or you can say INTERNAL INNOCENE TO EXTERNAL COMPLICATIONS
its really hard to face a person suffering or suffered from cancer.there is my very sweet ..innocencccccccent jethi...married away very young..i didn't meet her much but whenever i meet her ...she is so full of her innocence.....once i remember a instance was my cousins marriage..and my sweet jethi was getting ready..and my god she just took so much time to get ready......she was around 60yrs then...she was like wearing her cloths in more conscious way...combing her hair after putting oil(in villages almost all the women put oils in their hair everyday ,but now things have changed) neway after dat she wud put that oil let on her face was very beautiful for this woman..she had 2 sons and 2 daughters. Two of them are settled but the other two are not.a few days back its was reported that she was suffering from my parents called them we got to know that she wasn't informed about it...and in the phone her daughter was not able to talk to us as she choked with tears.........well life likes this point of time her family members are her greatest supporter.......
but what about munti khura ???????????????
he is every body's khura( or gali ka chacha) aged about 78yrs ...he never married..loves bhupen hazarika and hates jubin...his daily breakfast and lunch and dinner is in a local restaurant and b4 sleeping he takes about 2 to 3 pegs.he stays in a hill in kharghuli.he gives me old books of Russian writer preserve it...and i do.3 yrs ago he had cancer ...throat cancer..but he survived,doctors asked him to quit alcohol..but he didn't...he was a bindass sort of a man ...but that day i was see him crying in front of me.he was again suffering from a wound and now his situation was unbearable..he got some wound in his lower jaw and the juice produced by the wound makes his tongue stick with the upper palate...and that feeling is a horrible one...i just asked him " do u want to die like this" and tears started.i felt very upset .here on the other side was a man suffering dreadfully and no one to look after he went to b .baruah cancer institute to get the report...of his test.every time he went for the test d doctors cut a piece from his wound and d feeling is also he cant talk to me but try to explain me by his actions..even though he sometimes whisper for me.whenever i ask "why don't u talk"..he wud say"it hurts".today he went arnd 10 am to take his report...i waited 4 him ...but till then he didn't came....god knows wat was his report .

i just request the people reading this blog to pray for not only 4 them...but 4 all people who is suffering from cancer.