Sunday, May 30, 2010

In the darkness of the night”

Looking at the stars in the sky above, still

Searching the moon, who is playing hide &

Seek game with me today.

Yesterday, it made me happy with its

Power of light with which I played last night,

And who reminds me of my beloved who always

Gives me solace.

It’s doing its own job, revolving

Sharing its feeling with me, us, you..

Lovers…for lover it is something different

Something very romantic or Lovers moon

For some it is the “Hope” of another morning

For lonely lover it is another night gone as he

Wait to go to his lonely lover who had

Went early to paradise, breaking her promise.

The moon promises a beggar

For a better day tomorrow

In this world everyone be a pessimist or optimist is a


How a busy life may be, people will one

Night will watch the moon & realize, how he

Missed the nature’s gift.

Even though he will hate the sun, but

Will always love, admire,

Be inspired, by the MOON.

The Lost dreamer will again begin to dream,

A looser will begin to live again, musician

Will create music, Flower still bloom in night

And teased by the moon.

The moon teaches us the REBIRTH…

‘Cos it always die in the end &

Again get born and bring us something..

An eternal bliss in our mind..Telling us

Everything has not yet finished.


11:21 pm 17/05/06