Sunday, June 14, 2009

Demise of P.B.Sir famously known as Babi Baruah

it was a very sad day i jus completed my 3rd exam and was on my way to home wen i got a horrible news from one of my friend.she said that one of our most respected sir had died.i was like shock..sir was quite young...he was in his late 40s.we used to take tuitions wid him during the last years of his was from the year june 2007-feb 2008.he used to be very close to us .we heard that his family life was not that satisfactory .he used to enjoy wid his students ,sir never showed his other side but we always saw his humourous side.we thought that he was a great devotee of sigmund freud .he used 2 drink and smoke a lot.he had a huge library ...and offcourse why not..he was a gold medalist from delhi university,a COTTON COLLEGE prof. in english dept.was the one who brought SPIC MACAY and also the pioneers of the SHAKESPEARIAN DRAMA SOCIETY.he was a very different man ,and his thinking was very BROAD...really american way.the day wen he died i went to see him ..he was in his bedroom covered by a white seemd like as if he was jus sleeping...jus sleeping in was hard for me to believe the fact that he has died .i jus God ..that night i cant sleep..his face was like floatin in my eyes.i rememered all those moments wen we students spend with sir.during the last months of his life as we had heard he suffered from diabetes and on 9th june he had an heart attack and left us all at 2.30 pm .REALLY he was a great man with great thoughts.its really unbelieveale that he has passed away.may his SOUL REST IN PEACE.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Thousand thoughts

well my exams are from 5th and m still not prepared ...thousands of thoughts popping into my head..not willing to study only dreaming which is one of my fav hobby...lately i ve watched the swearing ceremony and there i saw Mr.shashi Tharoor...who was there ..and really lukd handsome than the newspapers pictures...well cumin 2 my point.. has ne1 read the "Great Indian novel" ? it is written by Tharoor .in that buk he is continuously criticizing "priya duryodhani" i.e. Indira Gandhi and the Indian national Congress but on the contrary he is here in the Parliament Swearing ....taking an oath ...Representing CONGRESS.really paradoxical huh............but i SWEAR that the novel is a A1 ...must read novel.every Indian should read it ...but still i have not got this POLICY of tharoor .Hope India rise.and i really appreciate our own NORTHEASTERN GIRL (or our DESI girl) Agatha changma......KEEP IT UP. youth India...and yo India