Tuesday, October 2, 2012



I used to be the happy child
Happy as a lark.
Until a dragon came
and  lured me into his world.

I became numb &
began to dance in his tune.
I cried,I laughed
But still danced in his tune.
One day I realized that
He was bad & I was trapped.
I tried to free myself
Each time I can  I tried,
The dragon pulled me in
I suffocated ,
I suffocated till death
But I lived.

Live not as one used to
But lived only by just by breathing .
I was just living
The soul of my heart was
Dead and gone ……
But one day I saw
An illumines light 
In the shape of a human
Standing in the edge
of the room, I was trapped in.

Suddenly  the light began to catch my eyes
I can't bear the brightness
It was so strong.

All of a sudden
I felt the light pulled me
Towards it.
And I just flew towards it .
I felt light  like a pollen grain
I felt light like a pollen grain

And I flew towards 
                                                                 Moramee Das