Monday, November 17, 2014


(The meaning of the word Numinous is describing an experience that makes you fearful yet fascinated, awed, yet attracted- the powerful ,personal feeling of being overwhelmed & inspired.)

Amazement seemed to
Conceal my heart , mind & soul
I was lucky to be here
After such endeavor and sacrifice.

I never in my life thought
That you will be standing
In front of me ….

You were larger than life
I must say!!

You were really huge
Completely Drenched in snow
Amidst those lucid stars
That was lingering besides you
Like jewels.

You were so real
So very near, yet so far
And somewhere the moon
Was envying your romance.

Semblance happens in real life too
Things appear to be beautiful
When they are far
But, as it comes near
Its beauty fades away.

But whatever the philosophy
Of life happens to be
It always takes hardships
To view such a
Adoring sight…..
That is now in front of me.

I guess now
I have known the secret
Of the poets
Who get inspired &
Write pearls of words.

Because the nature itself is an inspiration.
That inspires, conspires them to think,
Imagine, apprehend & finally
Pour their thoughts into verses.


I wish I could capture this 
Sight on my camera,
But I don't feel like
Better will be,
I capture it in my eyes &
In my memories
So that It will remain
With me forever& ever
Even if I’m dead.

At least I can tell somebody
Or else just to myself &
relish because
In these mountains itself
I have found a kind of love
Which I don’t want to be fulfilled,
Nor want it to blossom.

But keep it in my heart
Like the veins that makes it beat
Because when my heart will die,
He will die with it too.

But the feeling that I feel
With or without him
In this snowscapped mountains
In the witness of the Moon &
the Stars will remain forever.

And I want it to be unrequited,
Because he will always remain
The Man of the Mountains &
I will always remain
The Girl from the Plains.

Moramee Das
Chowri Khang (HMI Base Camp-4450mtrs)


  1. “ishq jesa bhi ho kisi sey bhi ho kahin bhi ho shuru aakhon sey hi hota hai…” I know from the beginning thru your eyes…that you are the only gal in entire…who is full of joy, fearless, full of excitement, happiness all the time is like your diamond, Like a water with the free flow…..rarely found in assam ;) as I am born inspired but still I always want to be in touch with you…cheers and hats off to your endurance and love..I’m glad that we were together, somehow I found we are parallel “Born Free” keep roving, keep writing and definitely we climb peak to peak …..Jai Bajrang Bali Ki 

  2. Amit ji that was very sweet and kind of you .Sometimes I think that the Universe has conspired us to be together at one point of time in our live for a month and that too in literally "base camp _i mean Heaven " have you seen the nyt sky there .I used to wake up at 3 am , sat on the stone and kept gazing at those snow scapped mountains and the bright bright star, that was heaven for me .I loved every moment until 5am wake up tea arrives(except the glacier ride).But it was awesome .I have been into nationals of so many games ,meet lots of people and made a bunch of good friends .but this october was pure indulgence of happiness for me and on top of it the icing on the cake ,friends like you people ,we have shared a lot , I will ever cherish it .Oviously ,keep in touch wid you cos I know when you will get married you will invite I will go and stay at your fort ( im already happy) Besides thank you so much for your so beautiful comment ,It felt as if i was reading another poem ...Jai bajarang bali