Sunday, August 9, 2015

My idea of Solo-Travelling

Trekking in the Sayadri Range  (Maharastra)February 2015
Some times I think that what if I can go somewhere and only come back when I'm broke .
I, take cash with me while spending it my way (not luxuriously) & then say to myself if more of the  cash is required in something I love to do than ,I justify myself by by saying these words that I read somewhere---
 "you can always make money , but you can't  always make memories  "

My idea of travelling is Not :-

1.Good Luxurious hotel
2.Tourist Spots
3.Getting Indian Food
4.Definitely not Tour Packages .

My idea of travelling is cheap ,descent hotel , trekking which allows you to see the beauty of the place and give you a 1st hand experience of the country's culture,eating the local cuisine & if I run out of money I will depend on Oats that I always take from my home (enough to keep you in shape with enough requirements needed for your body) & I make my own Itinerary , which is not basically an itinerary as I like to make plans on the way , spontaneous  ...random . So throw you itinerary and go with the flow.If the country is situated near the ocean or sea ,I don't mind to explore deep inside a I got my Advance Scuba license that allows me anywhere in the Ocean to dive. Definitely for accommodation I would prefer for Tents to sleep under 5 million stars rather than a 5 star  hotel and if that not possible then preferably home-stay .If the period of my stay is a long one then I would love to volunteer for NGOs ,some of them provides lodging & fooding for free.

You know what, it totally depends upon you whether you spend INR7000/- for a week in a place or just half of it .Its totally upto your approach to travelling .Yes , sometimes you can give a treat to yourself to stay at a luxurious hotel after a tough trek or a diving course.

Its not about the Money its about the experience & I say if you go to a place , take more time, explore , "live " the place .

Don't just go there , hop all the tourist spots and get back home .

Try to change your approach towards Travelling .I say "live it"
Try to go solo , there is an addiction I swear you will love it !
If you are flexible --- you will enjoy it..

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  1. You are the bright stars of the country. God bless you always. You are born to trigger a change in the mindset of the society.