Thursday, November 22, 2012

Memory of a White Peacock

 And love just fades away
As the sand of times…..
That dispossess love into a
Very solatic memory
That just lives in a memory
in itself.

Love is a very blithe soul
Don’t hold it in your hand
Because it is bird, like
Its nature is its muse
And it seeks solace as the
In its freedom
That dashes through the sky
And far far beyond
To discover its beauty
in its presence.

Love is like a white peacock
The way it unfurls its feather
To show its different colours
Which is the significance
Of its varying mood,
the mind being white

Love is love itself
In itself seeks its beauty,
Grandeur, exquisite moods of paradise.

When one in love
One gets the hold of the universe
The joy of life
The beauty of nature,
Along with all the elements,
Water, air, earth, fire
That combine together
To give one of the highest spirits called

But once its fade away
from ones life
As the moon that suddenly leaves the sky alone
one night!!!
But that doesn’t mean that
You haven’t taste the honey of love
your entire life……………………


                                                                                                                Moramee das
                                                                                                            1st June 2008

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