Monday, November 4, 2013

Lover’s in eclipse

We are the jewels of the universe
We are not humans
They have rendezvous, but we dont
We always make love infront of them
And that too after many decades.

We are the two perfect parts of each other
We give love to all
But rarely to each other
I give love by my warmth
And you give it by your beauty
As time flies you go more far from me

We are not like humans
They love & they have their lovechild
The more they love, the more
They come closer&closer

But look at us
Weget more seperated when
We love the most

“The”day comes after
Decades…when you come
Near to me
Even just for a second…
We create majesty
More majestic then any king or queen
I overpower you with my fire &
You calm me by your overwhemling silence

We are the king &queen
Of the universe& the
Life we create during
That moment is

And we perish after that….
Being distance as ever.

23RD JULY 2009

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