Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Marriage ! Are you Crazy!!!!

They are planning to get me married by 2015
Are you crazy I asked them?
They said “no we are not “
We think, that mean I think you are crazy
Girls at your age are getting married and look at you
Silly girl !!
You are 28 already

I said “Come on Mom,
Life begins at 40”
Between I’m confused a lot
Right now
Regarding this...
Besides I got lots of dreams
To fulfil..............

Don’t worry
All the confusion will
Be over after you get married
You will be “adjusting by then”

“You will be” she said
Get married fulfil your dreams
With your husband.
Go wherever you want
With him.........


Finally she uttered those words
Those Gruesome words

I replied .........................
I just can’t get married like this
Besides I’m afraid,
I’m not ready yet!
I don’t think I will be ever ready for it.

You can’t Force me
Dad says he doesn’t
Want to get me married!
He wants to keep me
With him


I think that s a good idea!
Mom (irritated & angry)
“No you gotta get married !”
My bro says
“You? Getting married?
Sister, I can’t think of you
Getting married?”

Well finally right now
I have settled
Being as I’m

I got Parents who are
Not pressuring me
To get me married
But Mom sometimes
Transforms into
“Typical Indian Mom” type

Can’t blame anyone...
Lets see
As according to me
A marriage is not required
to complete a Woman ..
but my Mom says the other
way round .....

Lets see...

Moramee Das
18th June 2014

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